As an Emergency Physician, my experience with Mr. Farajzadeh has been excellent. The office is convenient, and the staff is very friendly and professional. I had a thorough evaluation by Mr. Farajzadeh, who then proceeded to give me a very detailed and personalized training program that I have followed under his direct supervision on every visit. I was pleased with my progress and would highly recommend this office to others.
- Dr. Uri Guefen, M.D., FACEP.

I believe my physical therapy experience has been successful in several ways. Farshid was able to accommodate my schedule by building my therapy sessions around my hours of employment, allowing me the benefit of attending every session. Farshid took the time to explain the physiology of my injury, made me aware of the parts of my anatomy that needed to be developed to achieve maximum support of my triceps, prescribed various exercises that I can do on my own to continue the healing process, and reassured me about the origin of pain related to the exercises.

a success story

During the therapy sessions, I was reassured by Farshid's attention to my responses and his care not to push me beyond what he perceived to be a safe range of motion for me, physically and psychologically... Having spoken numerous times with Farshid about my prognosis, I feel optimistic about how far I've come and have a realistic expectation about what to look for in my future recovery. What I've outlined above would lead me to declare my experience a success story.
- Julius L., patient

The office is convenient, friendly, runs on time and is very professional. The personalized therapy routines greatly improved my flexibility and reduced the pain I was experiencing. The treatments were created to be personalized and with attention to detail. My strengths and weaknesses were carefully assessed so as not to aggravate my condition. I was pleased with my progress and would highly recommend this office to others. My goal was to resume full work capability as soon as possible and that was accomplished.
       - Joan Embery, Conservation Ambassador, Zoological Society of San Diego


After surgery I was unable to lift my right shoulder. I could not move it, I was completely immobile with no range of motion. Due to physical therapist, Farshid Farajzadeh, after few months of P.T., I am able to lift heavy objects, play and coach volleyball and have full range of motion. Farshid is an excellent P.T. and commits 100% of his time to patients' needs. The environment was pleasant as well as fun! I commend their efforts!
-Cindy M., patient

When I first came to the office, I had so much aching pain in my left SI joint that I could not sit through dinner and needed two pillows under legs to sleep at night. Now the pain in my SI has disappeared!
Gone. Hooray!

- Caitlin C., patient

I really had to come to this office to get a treatment not just because it made a progress on my physical condition but also people have seemed to care how the patients are and what they want. Personal and individual caring was the best and that might have been the great factor that treated the symptoms I had.
- S.L., patient
I was very frustrated by a stubborn pain in my lower back that all other treatments had been unable to resolve. I was referred to Dr. Farajzadeh by my chiropractor and I came to see him with reservations. To my pleasant surprise, the readjustment that Dr. Farajzadeh did to me on the first visit practically eliminated the pain. I am very satisfied with the treatment and the outcome!!! The staff is very personable and Dr. Farajzadeh was very professional and thorough.
-Gabe G., patient
A month ago, I was afraid that I was going to have surgery on my shoulder. With some help from Ocean Physical Therapy, my shoulder is now strong again and I can now play basketball again.
- Trevor B., patient
I am a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist who has been practicing in San Diego since 1995. I prescribe a large amount of physical therapy and have been particularly impressed by Mr. Farajzadeh's treatment and care. His results are certainly better than the community's average, and I have actually had several patients directly compliment his care. I have met with Mr. Farajzadeh personally, and I believe his expertise is complimentary to his ability to care for and successfully treat the patients that I refer to him.
- Dr. Robert E. Scott, M.D.
I sought treatment at Ocean Physical Therapy for some discomfort on my right neck, shoulder and slight numbness on my right arm upon the referral of my doctor. Physical Therapist, Farshid Farajzadeh, did a complete evaluation and soon after showed me exercises and stretches to strengthen the many muscles involved around the neck and shoulder. After 6 visits, I was feeling much better. The dull ache and pain had gone away, the condition of the muscles very much improved, and I can do full range of motion without any discomfort. And best of all I can do the strengthening exercises at home. Front desk, Cherry, has been diligently helpful with issues regarding my insurance. She's also been very accommodating with scheduling my series of appointments and with helping out during my course of treatment. Ocean Physical Therapy has great, courteous, and professional staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you.
- V.F., patient
I am a family practice physician in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego. I have been referring my patients to Farshid Farajzadeh for physical therapy due to his high rate of treatment success. Not only does he do a tremendous job in helping patients to recover from their injuries but also my patients state he is extremely personable and very attentive. They all think he is terrific! I give Mr. Farajzadeh my highest recommendations without any reservations.
- Dr. Gary Matson, D.O.
Dear Dr. Peterson,
Three months in casts left me with no range of motion and little strength in my ankle and leg. Mr. Farajzadeh tailored a program so that I am walking more normally and becoming stronger after each visit. His staff is friendly, efficient, and the sessions have been a wonderful part of my recovery. The work on my leg leaves me confident I will be 100% on or before our target date. Thank you for doing a beautiful surgery and for recommending Mr. Farajzadeh to me.

-Victoria D., patient

You set clear goals, gave good instructions and demonstrated the exercises that I do at home as well as the ones in your office. You monitored me during sessions and made good use of the time. You knew when and how to challenge my skill levels. I now feel prepared to continue on my own and at a gym. You and your staff have a well-run and efficient office. You respect the time and schedules of your patients. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you.
- Laury G., patient

I have been in practice for 22 years and have been referring to physical therapy for that same period. I can accurately say that Mr. Farajzadeh is one of the finest physical therapists that I have worked with. The patients are seen quickly and efficiently, and are very quickly rehabilitated. I am giving my highest recommendation to Mr. Farajzadeh as a provider for physical therapy services.
- Dr. Miles V. Stanich, M.D.

I am a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician who has been practicing Pain Medicine in San Diego. Mr. Farajzadeh has been treating quite a number of my patients and I must say that the general consensus from my patients is that he practices a very high caliber of physical therapy. He is extremely knowledgeable, has an outstanding bedside manor, and truly cares for the patients. Mr. Farajzadeh sends me timely reports and routinely calls me by telephone on specific patients.
-Dr. Michael Moon, M.D.

Due to a head injury, I suffered isolated neck pain as well as sharp pain that went from my neck down to the middle of my right shoulder blade. My doctor referred me to see a physical therapist. I was nervous because I had never been to a physical therapist before, and I was scared to hear what I may be told about my injury. Dr. Farajzadeh was extremely sympathetic to my fears and concerns. By the end of the first appointment, I was comforted by him and no longer worried. He was always very positive about my rehabilitation being a success and that we would work together towards healing my injury. By my last visit my pain had gone from 6 to 0. I was 100% comfortable again while working at my computer. Each visit I had looked forward to. The entire staff was friendly and sincere in their services rendered. I am fully satisfied with the treatment I received and grateful for my recovery. I will definitely refer the Ocean Physical Therapy office to anyone who is need of physical therapy treatment.
- Shawn M., patient

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